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I have decided to add some paid content on my site, and not it's not porn.  Although that might be more lucrative I'm going to offer a much more naked exposure of myself.  Step into the process of creation with me as I go more in depth into the process.  I will be sharing stories, and songs as they are put down as well as putting out a serialized versions of both of my novels prior to them being released on Amazon and Apple Books.  

What makes me so special that you should feel compelled to pay to read and hear what I have to say?  Nothing, that's the best part.  I'm made of the same stuff you are, unless your an AI cyborg or an alien avatar.  Take it as inspiration that you can set yourself free from self imposed limitations.  I have my own personal reasons for doing this, not in the least is the need for money to be able to go on.  Living ain't cheap these days not even in Mexico, I have dogs to feed, and they only eat the best, like avocados and Jenny's totopos.  Really though I am doing this for the feedback.  

As an artist, your perception of your work alters when someone else witnesses it.  It's also a very vulnerable position to put yourself in if your ego is looking for that validation.  If you believe the people who like you though you have to believe in all the others who don't.  Or worse yet, all those who have never heard of you.  So I put this out there for myself.  The creative process of making art, be it visual, written or audio is something I have to do.  It's not mine not matter how much I like to take credit for it, delight at the cleverness and drift away in the soundscapes, I just happened to be the body that received the broadcast and this is my interpretation of it.  It was always meant to be shared, I've just been hoarding for a while.

The vault is open for subscribers now, journey into the recesses of my mind and see if it doesn't shed some light on your own.  It's a cluttered place, I'm looking for external storage, why not just put it in the cloud.  Most of it though, I just need to junk.  How much crap can one carry around with them right.  Recently as I already stating I started reevaluating my belief system.  More surprising then the strange unprovable ideas I have about human creation, shared by others to be sure, I didn't come up with anything all on my own.  Does independent thought exist?  What surprised me more was the things I knew all along and pushed aside to follow my beliefs.  It's the way we as humans can turn a blind eye to glaring faults while critically over analyzing the smallest fissure.

Because I am a dealer at heart and the drug I'm pushing these days is clarity I'll offer up the first hit for free.  Like always though, I'm selling to supply my habit, I was always a bad dealer, rule number four baby.  Never get high, on your own supply.  I fact I break all the rules but then I'm not slinging crack neither.  I think I'd do porn first.


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