Trailer Park Dirt Bag

In Tijuana

A climatic refugee from the wet coast of Canada, winds of fate brought me to Tijuana.  Formerly the most dangerous city in the world but since I've been here it's slipped to 4th, I'll leave that there for you to come to your own conclusions.  When my dogs and I ain't out patrolling the streets I'm in the crib laying down the beats.  No she fell down the stairs seriously, would a bag of oranges leave a bruise like that?  I digress, that's what this album is, a digression.  

I'm a product of the 80's raised in the 90's turned loose at the millennium only to revolt go under ground.  I was slowly sedated and civilized.  But I broke loose from the shackles of the rat race and fell into Park Life.  I've never looked back, and they'd never take me, where do you go. Run away to Old Mexico.

When you have all the free time in the world it's hard not to do what you were made to do, and I do it all baby! Poorly but I always said if you can't be the best, at least you can be the fastest.  So I took some time to craft a selection of songs solely for my own amusement but seeing as I enjoy it so much I thought I should share.

So take a moment to listen and see if it catches your ear. I know what I listen to might not be everyones cup of tea but this sounds nothing like anyone I can think of. Maybe it reminds you of some one.