How Did I Become The King?

It's all happening, what do you know, all dressed up with no where to go.  Wearing a stylish new HalfCapt' Records truckers hat with a Welcome To The Mothership v-neck t-shirt.  New arrivals today in the Merch section.  I'll be rocking mine as soon as it gets here.  

I'm excited to be taking this first step on a musical journey.  This album represents a departure from my usual style.  I put it together really as a diversion, initially anyway.  That's how the first few songs started out.  I wanted something fun and interesting to listen to.  Well the first song was so much fun I just kept going, until I had what I considered to be a nice sonic journey.  I only included one song with actual vocals because A I'm not the best singer and B it seemed unnecessary.  All of these songs I made using Logic Pro X in the spare bedroom of the house I live in, in Tijuana.  It's almost too easy to make amazing sounding music at home.  Like this can't be right, it sounds like something that quality wise I would hear on iTunes.  You can read into that what you will.  If I had a comparison for the music on Welcome To The Mothership I would give it to you.  It's not to say it's incomparable, just that I don't listen to this kind of music enough to know who to compare.  Bonobo is the best I can do.  I'm more of a rocker at heart, but I find that you can't question the creative calling.  And so this collection of songs was born, in maybe the most likely of places.

That's what makes a good story, allows us to see what the character is made of though.  Putting them in unlikely scenarios and seeing how they react.  It was all just a test to get me to the breaking point.  Now that the shell is gone I can be me for real.  I learn more about who I am each day.  It's a pretty big puzzle and not all the pieces are the same size and they're always changing shape when you look at them closer.  So many pieces you just gotta discard.  It's not much different then the process I went through building each track.  I went in with no preconceived notion as to what I was looking for I just knew I would know it when I heard it.  Piece by piece until the next bit makes everything that came before it obsolete, and you start over again, knowing only more of what not to use, now that you have a for sure piece of the puzzle.

Stepping back the picture is starting to take shape and I can see what it could look like if all the right pieces are found.  This is a piece of the puzzle that's larger then life to me, because it is my life, a slice of it.  A freeze frame of where I'm at sonically today, a vibration I can share.

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