Coded By The Algorithm

I spend too much scrolling.  I have a lot of free time on my hands.  I can only spend so much time entertaining myself playing music, writing, walking dogs, sometimes I get so bored I do the dishes or put on a load of laundry.  I might even sweep the floor before doing yoga if I think about it, so I don't have to breath in all the dog hair I see floating everywhere when I unroll my mat.  It's too easy to answer a text and check facebook or instagram at the same time, but I don't really need to keep coming back to it.  The friends I have I talk to in real life.  I think I just want to hear another human voice feeding the ideas about the universe and our place within it already formulating in my head.  

The algorithm knows this, I get a lot of podcasts and interviews popping up into the reel suggestions, that and snake charmers.  Does the algorithm know you better then you know yourself?  Why do I keep watching people charming cobras?  I've only seen one where someone gets bitten and they didn't show the strike, just the kid calming pulling the snakes fangs out of his forearm.  Comments said cobra, I couldn't tell you what it was.  Writing this though I realize I posted a couple of reels featuring snakes.  Easy solve.  Everything else is probably connected to someone on the Joe Rogan Experience.  I've become one of those guys.  I think I avoided Rogan for so look because of the UFC connection.  I loved News Radio back in the day, and of course Joe was and indispensable character.  It was the same with Will Farrell, I saw the people that talked about Joe much like the people that laughed at Farrell and I thought 'Fuck, if these low brow goons like those guys, I ain't gonna like it.'  Sure with both there's lots I don't follow, but they both offer some pretty mind expanding ideas through a comedic approach.  

I'd been interested to browse facebook reels through someone else's account and see what the algorithm says about them.  What are your clicking habits, where do your eyes linger, what words are spoken out loud in the presence of your phone, what is your google search history, what did your friends and followed accounts like.  What is the information map that is you that is being updated daily in the "cloud"?  If you saw it, would you recognize yourself.  So then using all the data at hand, how is your mind being manipulated into following an organized line of thought.  Dissidence is okay as long as you can keep the dissenters corralled, isn't it better to have an opposition to draw out the enemy.  To be able to clearly label them and then fragment them once again amongst themselves under a careful guided hand and the guise of comradeship.  

There's a message in everything, one just has to be able to read the signs.  Of course it's made up, it's you own interpretation.  That's all you have to go by, your world as defined the by the filters through which you see it.  Your world is not the same as my world no matter how closely situated to each other in the physical, no matter how much I share my interpretation of it to you all you get is your own interpretation of mine.  And where did I come up with mine, shit, fed to me by the algorithm.  What have I learned?  You can charm the snake, but be prepared to be bitten at least once.  When you do, remain calm, either it was a cobra or the comments are wrong, no one said your gonna live forever.  So how would you rather go out, with a clean toilet or a clean conscience.  Charm the snake, do what YOU have to do, not, what you have to, and don't confuse the two.

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