Release Day 

Today is release day.  There will be no fanfare, no support tour planned.  I wouldn't really know how to play this collection of songs live.  I don't know if my computer has the operating power to keep up with a live performance and mixing songs on the fly isn't something I've practiced.  Logic has cells though so it wouldn't be impossible once I set everything up.  Seems like it would be more honest just to plug in the iPod and press play.  I'd love to have all the fancy synths and all that jazz, I was once lost in the world of the Subsequent 37, but for the sake of mobility I went all digital.  There is no end to the sonic palette offered up by Logic Pro X though.  

I'm by no means a professional so my opinion holds little weight, but over all I'm satisfied with Logic.  It's ease of use is only enhanced by watching tutorials, I might actually use some of the tricks one day, but for now I muddle my way through as best as I can.  The hardest part is knowing when to stop fiddling and just let it be.  Limitations make the art more accessible.  And direction in narrative makes reading more accessible.

This has been a good experiment and the beginning to something more.  It's about action for the sake of action, without reward.  The process is the reward.  Eliminate the motivation factors and would you do what you are doing?  If your needs were met how would you be spending your time?  I envision a world where I can get paid to do what I love to do, where my work sells itself.  It's not as narrow as music, my interests run pretty wide when it comes to creative expression.  Here I am writing with nothing to say.  In the past month I have recorded another albums worth of songs, some new, some old.  I'd like to take them to a real studio with a band and all but I can enjoy them as they are.  I just go with what motivates me and since this detour into electronic music I returned once more to guitar rock.  I am trying to lure a guitarist out of hibernation but so far I only got a nibble.  I was looking for something I thought he might like to play on but it took four or five songs to get there.  It creates a short life span for music for me, my favourite tracks are always the ones I'm working on.  Anyone else like that?  I read Neil Young, years ago, saying he didn't really listen to other people's music.  Now I feel like that.  It's vanity for sure but I could look at it the same way I look at eating in restaurants; I worked in a lot of them, delivered to a lot more.  I know the low quality ingredients, the underpaid staff and the over priced menu.  I also know I can make any dish on the menu in less time then it would take to get Uber eats delivered to the door in most cases.  Plus I know my palette, that's the number one advantage, I only have to please myself.  It's all masturbation, I'll take my sensory pleasures wherever I can get them.  The nihilist in me says there's no point to any of it, it's all insignificant in the long run and so the counter to that is that in the short term then everything is very significant.  All we have is the now, I'ma gonna enjoy tha shit outta it.


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