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I just want to say how crazy it is to see that people in Armenia are checking out my site.  Thank you to those of you who are already showing your support for my fledgling start here.  I sense big things are coming.  So give me some input, I'm new at all this, long time listener first time caller you know.  If something ain't right on the website please let me know.  Even better if you like what you see let me know.  You could get in on the ground floor of this venture.

I released a whole line of T-Shirts today on a separate page of it's own on the website called Follow Me Teaze.  I think they're clever but maybe they'll go over your head.  I had to stop to make up another t-shirt mid sentence.  It's been a long time coming, and coming for a long time and now it's finally here.  Taking back the world one fan at a time.

That's kind of the thing that's been obsessing me lately taking back the world, my own world, to it's fundamentals.  I'm stepping back from the injustices of the world to heal the perceived injustices of me life.  Without doing that I'd still be compiling the words without and audience, hoarding songs for the day I find My Band.  We can trick ourselves into believing we are acting pragmatic about our dreams waiting for the time to be right.  There are some things you'll never fully be ready for.  I'm one of those things.  Recently my belief system collapsed on itself, and for good reason, it was taking up energy.  I am content in knowing there are more things I'll never know about our existence then I could ever hope of being able to understand.  Yet I fully know that for me everything that has come to pass up until this point happened so that I could arrive here, at this point.  

I'm only a slightly raging narcissist I try to keep it in check but there's too much coincidence in my life to see it as random chance.  It's like the universe knows your algorithm and knows what to give you next.  It's all a game, but there's no cheat codes, you can't bend the fabric of reality and not have it snap back at you.  We're all left to our own devices when it comes to interpreting to signs along the way but it's trial and error for all of us.  All you got to do is be a little better every day.  I've been watching too many self help gurus.  I know now that my age has manifested itself to me.  I come to the midlife self help phase.  Seems like such a dirty word to even say, I feel like a yuppie wokester but the internet knows my pause habits on facebook and it's become filled with different psychologists, where before it was all hot girls with tattoos shaking there booties.  I don't know what happened.  I can't let my hair grow out I'm a silver fox now.  I still feel young and here I am launching a music career that is 25 years over due.  One day I will release some of the songs that I thought could have been hits in the 90's just to see how they do today.  Of course I couldn't sing any better then than I can now and our demo would have needed some serious glitter to make it sparkle but no one hits it out of the park on their first trip to the plate.  

Life, that thing that happens to us while we wait for our dreams to materialize, has just ended, and the dream has begun. 


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